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#1 Community Service Organization in The Pine Belt 

Mission Statement: The National Saving Our Teens Campaign Network , the charity of Hattiesburg Entertainmentis a community service organization geared at helping by any means necessary youth with any atrocities, whether deemed personal, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, academically, social, or economical in which affects the overall success of the individual. We do such things through events, programs, partnerships, sponsorships, mentorships, and other venues.


"I am encouraged by the work the program does for the young people of our community. I know that the lives of many young people will be touched and transformed.


"We are so appreciative of your every effort to make our communites a safer place and bring more activities and opportunties. Thank you so very much for coming together as a people who will make a greater difference in the life of all teenagers."


"I believe the Saving Our Teens Organization is a wonderful asset to the City of Hattiesburg. Thank you for such a large deposit into the future of our children. Saving Our Teens has the power to inspire every aspect of a child's life."




"Thirsty For Jesus"

Thursday, Oct 2, 2014 @ 7pm Thirsty Thursday 'Thirsty For Jesus'  Greater Antioch  Baptist Church          305 Mamie St, Hattiesburg, MS.

Free Admission

Click here for more information about Thirsty Thursday



       Food Festival 2014

Saturday, Oct 18 Chain Park

Food lovers indulge in a day filled with food, live entertainment, recreation activities for the kids and much much more. Open to the Public.

Kicks off at 10am. No Admission.


For more info or to register, Click Here.


Executive Ball 2014

Thursday, November 6 5:30pm in downtown Hattiesburg, MS! at Jackie Dole Community Center.

CEO's, Presidents, Exec Directors, GM's, Store Managers, Board Chairs & Business Owners gather for a "One Night Only" Event.

Click here to register or for more info Executive Ball 2014




Thanksgiving Festival


Tuesday, November 25, 2014   

The Pine Belt's Thanksgiving Festival at Chrisitan Services.

FREE of admission.

Click below for more info about Thanksgiving Parade & Dinner




Saving Our Teens Student Club

The National Saving Our Teens Campaign Network will soon have available local on-campus student clubs for youth in Middle Schools & High Schools. 

For more info or to register simply click here!


Half & Half Raffle Ticket(s)


It's simple. Here's how it works. You purchase a ticket online. Your name is automatically placed in the bowl.

The winner receives half (50%) of the bowl. The other half goes to our organization. No tricks. No gimmicks.

Tickets are selling fast.  Click Here to get your ticket(s) NOW or to find out more information about our Half & Half Raffle Ticket. 



Church on the Go 

Saving Our Teens presents a new prime time show, "Church on the Go" hosted by local celebrity Mr. Hattiesburg. The new show will be aired live every Sunday Morning on 92.1FM in the Mississippi's Pine Belt Area.

For more information about this new exclusive radio show, simply Click Here. 






Let's Graduate Mississippi

It is our primary focus this year to focus on pushing Mississippi Education to the Top of the nation on all levels. We plan to reach this goal through a series of events both on and off the campus around the state, partnerships, sponsorships and other avenues.  It is our goal to showcase to the world that Mississippi has world class educators and some of the brightest students in the world.

With a community-school-government support system, together we will push our kids to the next level of success. This success can be achieved on multiples of levels such as a higher graudation rate, state of art teaching equipment, world class school infrastructure, a decrease in high school and college drop out, a healthier diet, etc.

47% of 3rd graders are not reading on grade level according to our state tests. 18% of 4th graders are proficient in reading and 19% of 8th graders are proficient in reading. 24% of 4th graders are proficient in math and 18% of 8th graders are proficient in math. 12% of high school graduates were considered college ready in all four tested subject areas including Reading, Math, Science, and English according to the 2013 ACT results. The national average was 25%.

Mississippi students and parents spent $35.5 million for college remedial classes which DO NOT count toward college credit according to the 2013 Mississippi Kids Count Report. Just 81.1% of adults in Mississippi are high school graduates, tied with Texas and California for the lowest percentage in the nation. Additionally, 6.6% of adults have not completed the 9th grade- especially troubling in a state with a poverty rate of 32.5% for those without a high school diploma. 

 $5 $10 $100 $1000 We need your help. Find a place in your heart and give as much as you can to help us fight for a better education here in Mississippi. A community led movement with the help of both our elected and appointed public officials working together has no choice not only to create success but a brighter future for us all.

We will rally school to school. We will travel city to city. We will fight for a better Mississippi.  Join our fight. Join our cause. Join our movement. Let's graduate Mississippi.





Tanesha's Kitchen

As our pledge to work diligently towards ending world hunger we are excited about our new program to help us achieve this goal. We are proud to present, "Tanesha's Kitchen", a new program in which we will impliment in all of our community centers. Wanna see what great home cooked meals we offer, Click HERE.




16th Annual Black History Parade 2014



Hattiesburg residents are saying welcome back to an event celebrating African-American history.

Saturday night, the "comeback" parade for Black History Month made its way through East Hattiesburg.

At one time, it was an anticipated annual event and this year, it returned, complete with floats, dance teams, some young royalty and tributes to fallen family members and Hattiesburg Police.

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